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Our purpose: to be the
client technology extension.

DB1 Global Software

Architecture and

The mission of our architects is clear: to support the development of systems that last generations, with unquestionable quality, as well as scalability and volumetry suited to the needs of each client and their plans for the future. In addition, they are judicious about data security, including guidelines for compliance with the Data Protection Laws.

What our Software Architects do:

Our architects ensure that each software development process is structured in a way to make it scalable, flexible, reusable, and easy to maintain, meeting minimum safety and quality requirements to ensure the requirements and expectations of the project/product.

We count on architecture/devops to ensure the technological evolution of the product/service in a sustainable way. The architects apply technologies and concepts appropriate to the context of the project, performs end-to-end monitoring of the quality of services, and aims to reduce cost of ownership of the product/service.

Our architects do validations in advance to ensure that workload requirements will be met. They also ensure that there is periodic monitoring of the project to ensure the quality of the system, in addition to adherence to non-functional requirements.

In conjunction with DBA, the software architect provides a database structure that meets all the prerequisites of a quality project.

Our Architecture/Devops Team can support with assessments and recommendations on:












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