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Team work talking about anti-agile practices.

The anti-agile: patterns that drive you away from agile process

It is common to talk about agility and its elements during software development. To even have professionals appearing like agile coaches and agile masters are expected. However, it is vital to discuss what is anti-agile as well.  

Anti-agile is a term that refers to practices that go against agile methodology. Check some examples in this article!   

Do not have focus  

One of the agile principles is continuous delivery. It is essential to think about the final delivery instead of focusing just on the process.   

It is fundamental to remember that part of the journey is the end. Think about the next delivery, and forgetting that de project needs to end is a problem in the agile process.   

Keep focusing on the end is a way to remember that the solution is being built for one reason. It would help if you remembered what we learned with Alice in Wonderland: any road will get you there when you do not know where you are going.   

Men talking at work about anti-agile methodologies.
Keep focused on the project’s principal objective to establish an agile process.

Do not balance requirements.  

It is fundamental to balance requirements. The team of developers will probably want to know a lot of information about the project. The client will want to keep it simple.    

Finding how to balance both sides is fundamental. Much information goes against the agile process. On the other hand, a lack of data will engender rework.   

To have good data on requirements, you can document what is expected, what must be done, and how the application works. You also can group information into modules. 

Teamwork at a coworking space.
Organizing your requirements is essential to stay aligned with the agile methodology.

Do not know how to deal with changes 

Talking about changes always creates discomfort. They can end in rework, complex negotiation, create a lack of communication, and more. Together, it goes against agile methodology.  

The question is: how can we solve it? Because chances will always occur in a project.  

The best thing to do is focus on the mission. You have to analyze if the change makes sense looking at the project. You can use the situation to think about the project concepts because they can change. 

Man making notes in a paper.
Knowing how to deal with changes is fundamental to an excellent agile process.


We can talk about other behaviors in a good agile process, such as: 

  • Keep focused on the mission 
  • Trust your teamwork 
  • Choose metrics to follow 
  • Define how the work will occur 

Keeping these practices in mind is an excellent way to avoid anti-agile patterns in your development.  

Can you think of other practices that avoid anti-agile? Comment them here so more people will know too! 

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