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Why is good UX important? Check 4 reasons!

Many people ask why good UX is crucial to their business when they do not know its benefits.  

It is important to remember that UX is not just about good usability. It also impacts SEO, conversions, and performance.  

If you are not familiar with UX, you can check what it is and its most essential advantages in this article.  

What is UX? 

User experience (UX) is the process of designing and user interaction with products, websites, or apps to provide a meaningful and relevant experience to the users. 

The UX process focuses on developing an inspirational experience with creativity, focusing on the users in a multi-disciplinary way, prototyping, and testing screens to understand if they make sense to people who will access them.

Developers working at an office.
A good UX makes people use your site or app easily.


A great user experience is based on interaction design, information architecture, visual design, usability, and human-computer interaction. In this way, it is possible to assure that the user journey will make sense and that people will achieve what they have – and need – to do in your app or website. 

Investing in UX and counting on an experienced team to develop screens thinking about the user journey is essential to avoid a bad experience that can reduce your business results severely.  

The importance of user experience 

User experience is an essential consideration for any product, website, or app because it affects your business in different ways.   

Increase conversions  

When you create a good user experience, you can guide people in what they need to do with your website or app. UX will make navigation straightforward so that users will interact with your business without problems.  

For example, a website with a good UX will count on forms and CTAs that are easy to find and in strategical positions to make people interact with them. 

Woman and man at work, developing a good UX.
UX increases conversion by putting the rights buttons and forms where they need to be.

CTAs will be in a position where the conversion chances are more effective. It is possible because UX is guided through testing and prototyping so that UX professionals will be sure about what is designed. 

Improve SEO 

The last Google algorithm improvements were highly focused on users, and they will be much more common from now on. It is certain that, nowadays, UX impacts SEO.  

To be more exact, exist some UX fundamentals that affect SEO. One of them is simple site navigation. UX will guarantee that your business website has just what is necessary for the user journey, simplifying all navigation.  

We can also mention the work of UX professionals to create an SEO-friendly layout. They will make content easy to find, improve images and videos to guarantee a good loading time, and use strategical CTAs throughout the page. 

Save costs 

UX works with tests and prototypes. It means that screens and decisions during design are made based on numbers that prove how the construction of the page is relevant to the users.  

These points save costs by reducing the necessity of doing a screen again, impacting all process management. 

Improve performance 

A good work of UX guarantee that screens will load quickly, looking to the best practices on the user journey. UX professionals and developers are expected to work together at software development companies.  

Worrying about performance is relevant because it also impacts SEO. A page that takes so much time loading will be harmed on SERP.  

Now that you know UX and its benefits to your website or app, it is time to count on a company that puts UX and development together. Click on the image below and meet DB1 Global Software, a nearshore company. 

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