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FPP EDUMedia simplifies logistics with mobile application made by DB1

We developed a native mobile app to replace the equipment logistics of FPP international fairs. Nowadays, the IOS and Android applications work in the Americas, Middle East, Asia, India, and Europe fairs. More agility, security, and ease business for FPP. Read more about this mobile development case.

DB1 Global Software | Cases

The project outcomes:

Ease and faster process for international fair exhibitors setup.

A better experience for students participating in the fairs.

No hardware logistics for setting up fairs around the world.

International fairs challenge

When students from all over the world visit fairs to meet universities, exchanging information is essential. Without a proper app, the whole process took computers that traveled worldwide with the staff. All these equipment logistics used to require extensive schedules and budgets.

The visiting students also suffered registering information at each stand. The new app scans the visitor’s badges gathering all the attendees’ information in a few seconds to the cloud. A better process for all involved.

In-time delivery was a must

Faced with the FPP challenge, we understood that a global app complex development could be easier for FPP working with a dedicated team. Even with the distance between DB1 and the customer’s squads involved in a nearshore service, the communication worked very well because of our continuous feedback and team immersion culture.

We supported the client in choosing the right technologies for an agile project that would definitively solve the FPP EDUMedia’s needs. Good practices and procedures that work guided the entire development process.

Thus, DB1 helped develop the application on native Android and iOS for the reception of international student’s fairs. The new app has facilitated the registration process, shorted the scheduling time to travels, and saved money from the desktops logistics budget.

DB1 Global Software
DB1 Global Software
DB1 Global Software | Cases

“I just have to thank DB1 for facilitating our experience at the fairs.”- Sebastian Fernandes, Vice President of Global Operations.

DB1 Global Software
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