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Our purpose: to be the
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Mobile is a worldwide trend. In 2020, The Mobile Economy conducted a study that revealed that 5.2 billion people use mobile devices worldwide. This figure represents 67% of the population of the entire planet.

Mobile development projects are the future of your company! We are ready to support you with a complete team to develop your applications from start to finish.

What our Mobile Development teams do:

DB1 understands the importance of mobile in the world. That is why we focus on creating squads that develop applications with agility and quality, from app design to evolution.

We have a complete team to meet your mobile development needs: UX and UI designers act with the support of users so that the solution has the best usability; the business analyst raises the real needs that the application demands, prioritizing them to work better than expected; the developers specialized in mobile transform the requirements into codes of maximum quality; and the testing team ensures that everything works seamlessly. We can meet your mobile needs from beginning to end.

Our work goes according to your needs: it is possible to select professionals to integrate existing squads, or form new squads dedicated to the development of your application.

Our Mobile Development teams support you with:

Android Development

IOS Development

Analysis of UX and UI

Business analytics focused on your application

Expert test analysis

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