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Our purpose: to be the
client technology extension.

DB1 Global Software



Our testing team has a mission to ensure that our customers will receive their products with the quality and excellence that DB1 strives for. They support the development team so that problems and failures are avoided from the beginning.

What our QAs do:

Our QA team finds, in a test environment, as many failures as possible, analyzing the impact of changes on the usability of the product. For this, they must identify and define the necessary tests, evaluating the results at the end of each test cycle.

When planning the release testing activities, the analysts estimate the testing time so that it does not exceed what was planned. They also ensure the creation of the testing activities in the tool used by the team.

Their role includes monitoring the execution of tests in the release, evaluating error activities with priority 0, and ensuring immediate fixes. When our QA evaluates the release of the packaging version, they ensure that 100% of high priority errors have been fixed.

QA personnel are not reactive: they also act on prevention, because they participate in planning meetings with the development team and analyze the information to identify possible impacts on the product. Thus, they suggest tests and points of attention during development.

Our QAs support teams with:

Functional Tests: Regression, Acceptance, Integration, Exploratory and Mobile

Non-functional Tests: Performance


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