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Software development as your company needs

Whether a dedicated squad is required or your team is integrated with the best talents, DB1 is more than a nearshore software development company. We are your strategic partner. Enhance your business through digital transformation, from customized software to web and mobile solutions.

How DB1 can be your tech extension

Hire software development services according to your needs.

Team Partnership
(Team extensions)

Team Partnership complements your squad, bringing our market expertise and technology knowledge to your business.

You define the ideal profile, and we support you!

You can focus on your project, while our Team Leader guarantees that our employees are performing with quality in your squad.

Check some benefits:
  • Employees acculturated by DB1, focusing on delivering value, quality, agile development, and result-oriented.
  • Team Leader focuses on measuring satisfaction, monitoring productivity, and managing people.
  • Your business does not need to deal with bureaucracy and hiring.
  • Ongoing team training and development.
  • Access to 20 years of software development know-how and best practices.
  • Talents with technical knowledge that add to your squad with critical and consultative behavior.

Consulting Services
(Dedicated teams and Project outsourcing)

Consulting Services develop solutions that your business needs end to end. We assemble dedicated teams according to your needs, and it can be improved with more talents during the SDLC.

Our team learns about your business, searches for improvements, does market research, and, using it, increase the chances of success.

Check some benefits:
  • DB1 does 100% of people, process, backlog, and delivery management.
  • We develop your technology strategy, and you can focus on your business.
  • Ongoing team training and development.
  • We monitor results until the final user to ensure that the software is usable and scalable.
  • Strategical features definition with the client.
  • A multidisciplinary team dedicated 100% to your project.
  • Personalize squads, putting together the talents that your business needs when it needs.
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