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Tech Culture: Our Commitment to the Technology Community

At DB1, we understand that our role goes beyond providing solutions and value to our clients. We must actively work to strengthen the technology community with content that supports continuous quality and innovation.

That's why our teams are always preparing new features to help other professionals in the field (and technology enthusiasts) "sharpen their axes" and become references!

Enjoy our technology content

Check out the free content below, available in Portuguese, English, and Spanish!

Engineering Guide

A guide made by and for software engineers at DB1 Global Software to share and, in addition, express our strong opinion on how software should be done.

Technology Radar

An overview of different technologies - languages, frameworks, tools, patterns, and platforms - that we consider relevant to the project context we serve: enterprise applications.

From Thinkers to Thinkers

DB1 has now accumulated decades of knowledge and learning. We understand that part of our value to the world is to contribute what we have learned. The brightest minds at DB1 have created tools and materials that support technical decision-making, considering the mistakes and successes we have had along the way.
Nilson Soares
CTO at DB1 Global Software