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AL5: Modernizing and Evolving the App Experience, Implementing PIX, and Security Features

AL5 Bank was looking to register the first PIX keys and we took care of the entire implementation process. In addition, during the project we also 
identified the opportunity to create and implement new features and resources of great value and focus on the user experience.

The project continues to evolve with a focus on the user experience

With the arrival of DB1 to the project, it was possible to evolve the application through a UX analysis that mapped the need to develop new features, including security features and a digital certificate. The entire app environment was redone. The features added to the AL5 Bank app included the transfer area to other banks and improved user experience.

The DB1 UX team ensured regular progress of the app's rating on the Play Store, a result of the improvements in the experience of using the app. After the launch of Onboarding, AL5 no longer received negative reviews related to opening an account through the app, and the number of monthly active users increased by 36%, with success from opening an account to using the products.

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The beginning of the AL5 and DB1

The relationship between AL5 Bank and DB1 Global Software began thanks to a demand for the construction of an app for the management of consigned credit. DB1 has extensive experience in this market through Mixtra and Consignet, group companies specialized in the automation of consigned goods and payroll-discounted benefits, respectively for the private and public sectors.

AL5 Bank already had an application to serve its customers in making transfers, checking balances and applying for consigned loans, but it was necessary to evolve the app's functionalities and take a quality leap in the platform

Results that prove the partnership

Safe Implementation
of the first Pix keys, even in the restricted operation phase
Banco Central
Compliance with all requirements
Total Visibility and Transparency
in the Pix key portability process
for AL5 Bank customers when paying and receiving
+36% of Monthly Active Users
Between January and April 2021
-65% of Service Calls
Between January and April 2021
ZERO Negative Reviews
regarding account creation in the app after launch
1 to 3 Days
Reduction in account activation time from 8 to 1 to 3 days.

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+50 anos
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+6 milhões
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The challenge of delivering new features
 with the best UX

PIX, an instant payment method, was created to facilitate the routine of transfers between its users, with a focus on practicality, speed, and security, but its implementation was full of challenges for financial institutions.

With this digital transformation, we created an end-to-end implementation project, with improvements and development of new features for the app, with the goal of improving the user experience.

What was delivered?

At the beginning of the project, together with the UX Design team, we carried out a comprehensive analysis of the real needs of users and were able to identify opportunities to develop several new features.

In this way, we evolved the application with the inclusion of security features, a digital certificate, in addition to completely redoing the app environment with the addition of a transfer area to other banks.

Nas palavras do cliente:

In the words of the client:

“The transparency in decision-making made clear DB1's potential for developing this application”
Patrícia Michelle Alves de Lima
Director of Operations and Finance at AL5 Bank