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Avenue: Specialized Consulting and 360º Management

After choosing a Stack (GO Lang and ReactJS), where there are still few professionals in the market due to the fact that GO is a relatively new language, Avenue received an investment and needed to increase its squads, but had difficulty.
The alternative was found at DB1, where we structured a workflow focused on delivering value to customers. With the help of our solutions, Avenue could be responsible only for pointing out priorities and validating deliveries with the team, thus gaining much more dynamism in its routine.

Partnership to scale with sustainability

We supported the Avenue team to maintain their pioneering role and reference in the market. In each delivery, developed entirely by the DB1 team, we helped to increase their robustness and agility in serving customers.

We leveraged their operations in the American market, making Avenue the pioneer company to offer Margin Accounts in the USA. We also developed solutions that increased user engagement and provided more revenue for the company.

And when we talk about partnership, it's really a partnership: we also worked on the search and hiring of new professionals when necessary, taking care to select people who are qualified not only technically, but also to understand Avenue's business, which brought much more fluidity and assertiveness to the project and to the customer as a whole.

The beginning of the partnership

The relationship between Avenue and DB1 began when the broker identified the need to professionalize its digital services to meet the demands of the US Central Bank audit. By choosing emerging technologies, Avenue faced the challenge of finding qualified professionals in the market. DB1 then stepped in and offered a structured approach and a highly qualified team to support the broker on its innovation journey.

We started our partnership in 2021, where we assembled a squad composed of Project Manager (PM), Backend Dev and Quality Assurance (QA). By the end of the same year, we already had several squads, each with different objectives to meet all of Avenue's needs.

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Results that prove the partnership

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The challenge of dealing with new languages
at a high technical level

Completing any team is always a challenge, but this is our mission: to integrate teams with a focus on good relationships, to be your transforming extension, with high quality and performance deliveries.

In this project, one of Avenue's main challenges was the programming language. After all, it was necessary to work with quite recent languages, such as Flutter (for mobile apps) and Golang (backend), and finding a company with high-level professionals to develop in these languages was not easy, until they found DB1.

What was delivered?

DB1 assembled squads of specialists in mobile development, front-end, back-end, DevOps, QA, UX, UI and business analysis to work together with Avenue on several projects, for example:

Margin Account: This product provided the opportunity for short-term leveraged operations in the American market, with Avenue being a pioneer in offering this type of service in the USA.

Experience Manager: Enabling experiences through the Intranet allowed Avenue to use promotional 
banners more easily, increasing engagement and building a communication channel with its users.

DTVM Operation: The operation gave Avenue greater control over customers' financial transactions, together with the benefits of DTVM custody, resulting in significant revenue for the organization.

The delivery to the customer included prototyping, software refactoring, development of new features for the BackOffice platform, software testing, business analysis and security implementations.

Nas palavras do cliente:

In the words of the client:

“We are very excited about the partnership, to operate in this market that is in constant growth and to be together with the pioneers of this sector. We are starting this partnership with challenging projects that will impact thousands of people. We will do incredible things together.”
Vinicius Carvalho de Souza
Project Manager at DB1 Global Software