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Virtual Fair Platform Makes Education Accessible

FPP promoted educational fairs concentrated in large centers, such as SP and RJ. Although the fairs were free, the commute required an investment from the students, making access a little more restricted.

The virtual fair platform developed by DB1 made it possible for students from all over the world to participate in the fairs and find courses according 
to their interests, through "match" intelligence.

This is a project that created the opportunity to change the lives of students, making scholarships and exchanges viable, in addition to increasing the range of people impacted by FPP's work, ensuring the virtualization of fairs even before the pandemic made this a necessity for the entire market.

Technology that Enables Education

The EDUvirtualEXPO platform simplifies the entire process of international educational fairs. Students can now easily connect with more than 900 institutions around the world, such as Universities and Language Schools, in addition to sharing information and participating in conversations in real time.

The student only needs to register to participate, and then the platform developed by DB1 guarantees automatic login and exploration of all the fair content: it is possible to see the stands and their media, participate in chats with instant translation, check the materials, open a call for a discussion room, and reproduce the experience of the physical fair.

Project Numbers

Greater audience reach for exhibitors
A better experience for students who participate in the fairs

The Beginning of the FPP and DB1 Partnership 

The partnership between DB1 and FPP was born in 2015 with the aim of developing a virtual fair tool for students seeking to study in other countries. FPP is a world leader in this segment and works to create a link between students seeking to take any course of interest abroad, from language to bachelor's degree, and the institutions that provide this type of service.

What was delivered?

The FPP project was a challenge that combined a short deadline and a great complexity of a global app. FPP's intention was to use the platform at the beginning of the 2016 fairs. With the size of the demand and the concern for quality, it was agreed that the platform would be delivered at the first fairs of 2016 in Brazil.

This challenge was overcome with four-handed work. Even with the distance between the DB1 teams and the client, communication worked very well thanks to our culture of constant feedback and team immersion.

We supported the client in choosing the right technologies for a more agile project that would definitively solve the challenge of FPP EDUMedia. The entire development process, from the beginning, was based on good practices and processes that work.

Nas palavras do cliente:

In the words of the client:

“This platform was a great advantage that made our lives much easier. It made the reception of the fairs much faster, being much faster in collecting data and validating the students who wanted to participate in them.”
Sebastian Fernandes
Vice President of Operations at FPP