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Delivering Value Beyond Borders

Kyäni, a US-based company, found the ideal support in DB1 after searching for partners in Latin America with the necessary technologies, talent, know-how, and resources.
More than just support for Kyäni's evolution, we offer expertise throughout the development process, while providing the quality needed to grow side by side, regardless of distance.

Redesign and prototyping that express the brand and deliver the best experience

By understanding Kyäni's market, the ceremonies were guided to focus on the company's objectives. By combining different skills, we were able to deliver value throughout the development process.

Internal alignments were made according to prioritized tasks, group interviews with users and business partners, as well as protopersonas that represent the users based on the profiles of partners working in the company. In this way, it was possible to present the product proposal with the diagnosed problems already solved.

The key to a great partnership is not to focus only on what needs to be done, but to deliver the results that the business expects. Always maintaining a good user experience, going beyond the suggested scope, and exceeding expectations.

In this way, even with the distance, we have the feeling that Kyäni and DB1 are working side by side, always taking care of the details of culture and language to offer the best solution.

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The beginning of the Kyäni and DB1 partnership

The relationship between Kyäni and DB1 began after the company's need to make changes to the tools that support independent distributors (Business Partners) and product sales interfaces.

Previously, Kyäni had spent six years working with various partners in Colombia, Mexico, and 
Argentina, but was still looking for a partner that would allow it to start with a lean team and have the talent to promote sustainable growth, with a focus on quality. The clarity and closeness of communication between the Kyäni and DB1 teams made this joint growth possible and deliveries that exceed expectations at each sprint.

The challenge of reformulating products with agility without sacrificing UX

The company was undergoing a major reformulation of the Kyäni brand, and this would have an impact on the design of all the company's products and tools, used not only by business partners but also by customers.

The work of the design team was essential during the project due to the volume of changes that needed to be made, taking into account the speed and high quality of the deliveries.

At the beginning of the project, the new brand guide had been launched and several platform reports had been redesigned.
The challenge was to improve the user experience without sacrificing the efforts required for the interface changes.

What was delivered?

The first step was to assemble a dedicated team to work with Kyäni, consisting of a project manager, business analyst, QA, UX/UI designers, and developers. The team worked with agile methodologies, involving ceremonies to align expectations and exchange feedback in real time.

Thus, it was possible to deliver a product proposal with improvements that solved the diagnosed problems in the form of high-fidelity prototypes. The brand reformulation on product sales platforms, such as e-commerce, the company's website, and campaigns, was fully optimized without losing consistency.

Nas palavras do cliente:

In the words of the client:

“At Kyani, we have several different products, all working within the Agile structure. With DB1 using Agile, it fits perfectly, and we are able to stay in sync with our sprints, and we are able to achieve goals together.”
Troy Hiltbrand
Chief Information Officer at Kyäni