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Modernizing an Application and Developing New Features

We joined Linx Farma's team to perform the technical evaluation of the Farma Cloud application, which is a complete and centralized management software used by retailers in the pharmacy segment, and to support them in the development of new functionalities.

SaaS App that Ensures Evolution

Linx, a Brazilian leader in retail software, hired DB1 to modernize an application, turning it into a fully cloud-based SaaS product.

We added not only our squad, but also knowledge and team engagement from conception to delivery, through our Project Management service. We developed new functionalities to guarantee the technological evolution of Linx Farma's product.

The Challenge of Continuing to Evolve with Value 

Before meeting DB1, Linx Farma faced difficulties in delivering new features to its customers. In addition, they also had problems meeting the specific needs of their niche due to the low availability of internal labor.

“Then came the idea of Linx Farma Cloud, an automated cloud-based tool for the pharmaceutical sector aimed at enabling better business management through access from anywhere at any time," said Alexandre Rezende, project manager at DB1 Global.

What was delivered?

The product itself is divided into two systems. One is simpler, to be used in the pharmacy, with a focus on orders, closing, receipt at the checkout, TEF, card and cash payments, among other functionalities. The other focuses on the backroom, where goods are entered, inventory adjustments are made, returns are made, accounts payable and receivable are handled.

One of the first deliveries made by DB1's user experience team was a new version of the system's dashboard, developed in Java and Angular. This brought a new proposal to make management information available in a simple and pleasant way for senior management to follow up and make decisions.

Another delivery was the new usability experience, also developed by the same team, aiming to facilitate the registration, inspection, and sending of controlled products to Anvisa by the pharmacist. In addition, the company developed new financial and sales reports.

Nas palavras do cliente:

In the words of the client

“DB1 has proven to be a partner in all aspects and has strengthened the Farma Cloud brand in the market.”
Leila Dantas
P&D Project Analyst at Linx Farma