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MadeiraMadeira: Developing Payment and Logistics Solutions

MadeiraMadeira, one of the largest home goods e-commerces in Brazil, joined forces with DB1 Global Software in search of new payment and logistics solutions. Through this partnership, we developed systems for integrating e-commerce 
with MadeiraMadeira's physical stores, known as Guide Shops. In addition, we assisted in the creation of a platform to facilitate the transportation of goods and optimize the delivery process.

More competitiveness and integration

With the DGS solution, the purchase is now carried out in an integrated manner, both in terms of browsing products and payment and logistics.

Thanks to the systems and integrations made by our squads, now the order can be placed on MadeiraMadeira's e-commerce and the payment made at the physical payment terminal with a card - without having to type the number.

The integration with payment methods such as BV Financeira and Pix were crucial to improve the experience of consumers and sellers, who became more competitive. Finally, the automatic freight calculation favored the transparency and speed of deliveries, something that has a great positive impact on the end customer.

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A parceria entre a MadeiraMadeira e a DB1 Global Software possibilitou:

+100 mil
Downloads no Google Play
+63 mil
Downloads na App Store
Entregáveis gerados
Praticidade para +222 mil pessoas
Incluindo lojistas, agentes de crédito e consumidores
Facilidade e segurança
para os clientes, que obtêm informações detalhadas sobre o financiamento na hora
Mais agilidade
no processo de análise de crédito para vendedores de veículos

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The challenge of delivering quality innovation

MadeiraMadeira's biggest challenge was to provide traction for its internal team to be able to deliver new features, such as new payment methods, for example. There were many support and maintenance requests due to the low reliability of the systems.

If MadeiraMadeira's purpose is to build houses to tell stories, for the past two years DB1's goal has been to be a part of that, developing and delivering innovations, increasing the reliability of services, scaling payment methods and changing lives through technology.

What was delivered?

The deliveries included the integration of e-commerce with the Guide Shops, allowing customers to buy products online at physical stores. This integration also made it easier to calculate freight, streamlining MadeiraMadeira's logistics processes.

The 170-square-meter physical spaces offer part of the brand's catalog in decorated environments and, if the customer is interested in any furniture, they can make the purchase online at the store itself, with the help of salespeople.

In addition to the integration, there were two other fronts to optimize customer management and favor the consumer experience. We developed the Product hub, a highly scalable product registration and management application, which streamlined the routine of the MadeiraMadeira team.
Finally, one of the DB1 squads was focused on taking care of customer team payment support, enabling vital payment integrations for the brand, such as integration with BV Financeira and Pix.

The work developed for MadeiraMadeira was carried out by a team of seven people, who divided themselves into squads with the participation of project managers, software developers, business analysts and testers.

Based on agile methodologies, more than 2,000 hours of work were employed with a high level of assertiveness and a low rework rate, which guaranteed deliveries within the agreed deadline.

Nas palavras do cliente:

In the words of the client:

“All this work was built through a great partnership with the MadeiraMadeira team. The rapport is so great that we feel like part of their team. We are also proud of the fact that they give us the space to participate in new squads in future projects.”
Marcelo Henrique Colla
Project Manager at DB1 Global Software