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DB1 Develops Cloud-Based Application for Plaenge

Plaenge, a renowned construction company in the real estate market, faced challenges in the integration, availability, and stability of its internal tools, which negatively impacted the routine of its sales professionals. DB1 developed a
cloud-based application to assist and optimize the sales process, providing an improved experience for customers: VENTAS. All of this while avoiding unnecessary project costs, which means valuing Plaenge's time and investment.

Focus on customer experience

With the application developed, Plaenge's customer experience was improved with a simplified sales process, accurate simulations, and fast proposal generation, even offline in remote regions.

The partnership between Plaenge and DB1 Global Software demonstrated the importance of collaboration and technology in optimizing business processes and providing a high-level experience for the construction company's customers.

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Results that prove the partnership

IEC 0.7%
Low error rate found by customers
NPS (Net promoter score)

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+50 anos
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+6 milhões
NPS (Net promoter score)
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IEC 0,7%
Baixo índice de erros encontrados pelos clientes
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The challenge of simplifying the routine by  integrating different systems

The challenges included integrating existing systems, the availability and stability of previous tools, and simplifying the daily tasks of salespeople. However, thanks to the joint work of the teams, these challenges were overcome.

The cloud-based application developed by DB1 enabled more efficient service, increasing the productivity of Plaenge's sales professionals.

What was delivered?

The DB1 team worked closely with Plaenge to develop a modern and efficient cloud-based application called VENTAS. The DB1 UX/UI team conducted face-to-face interviews with salespeople to analyze and understand the users' pain points and needs, and based on this, they began designing the application, with advanced technologies and a cloud infrastructure (Azure) to interconnect various Plaenge systems. The infrastructure is like a central platform for service, simulation, and generation of sales proposals.

The application automated the real estate sales process, connecting different company systems, and allowed Plaenge's sales professionals to offer high-level service to customers, with agility and reliability in transactions. Features included obtaining information about projects, details of available units, sales simulations, and proposal generation.

The application's intuitive and user-friendly interface simplified salespeople's daily tasks, improving their efficiency and reducing the effort required to carry out their activities. In addition, the app was built to work offline, allowing salespeople to conduct simulations and proposals for projects without an internet connection.

Nas palavras do cliente:

In the words of the client:

“You (the DB1 team) were – and are – the critical success factor for this project. You were able to capture the entire essence of our desire, our dream, and transform it into a product.”
Jalles Rosa
IT Manager at PLAENGE