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Team Extension with DB1 Professionals

XP was looking for a consultancy to integrate and complement its technology teams, meeting technical requirements and partnering to work 
on a dynamic backlog with constant discoveries and adjustments. The investment platform found this partnership in DB1's Team Partnership service.

Team Partnership: An Ongoing SQUAD Supporting XP

We complemented XP's team to meet its daily delivery needs, bringing relevant insights, with full team participation, always focused on quality and commitment to delivery deadlines.

We developed a work plan that perfectly suited XP's teams, including the necessary profiles, with skills to analyze, resolve impediments, and maximize the efficiency of XP's teams.

Project Numbers

of deliveries on time

The Challenge of Reinforcing the Team with Specialists

XP was looking for a strategic partner to reinforce and support its existing squads, one that could take care of and guarantee good delivery performance. Thus, XP could focus fully on business strategies without worrying about hiring.

With our Team Partnership service, we took on the responsibility of people management, with a designated Team Leader to ensure high productivity, in addition to high-quality deliveries.

Nas palavras do cliente:

In the words of the client:

“In these last two sprints, we had quite relevant deliveries in the project and the DB1 employees had a great participation in these deliveries, with quality and within the established deadlines.”
XP Development Team