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Our purpose: to be the
client technology extension.

DB1 Global Software


Our developers do not merely write codes; they care about the quality of their work. They are solely responsible for the success of your product, always with the end user as the focus!

What our software developers do:

Software development is the stage in which requirements turn into software functionalities, which will be used to meet each specific customer need. In other words, our developer interprets the specifications of business rules and writes codes to represent them, seeking the best technical solutions on the market.

Our developers live the culture of autonomy. Critical thinking accompanies each stage of the project, always seeking to deliver more value with less effort. Scalability and volumetry are constant concerns of all DB1 devs.

We primarily use programming languages (such as Java, C#, PHP, Javascript, Angular, Delphi, .Net, React, Kotlin, Swift, among others), that are accompanied by frameworks, development methodologies, and tools that support this work.

The goal of our developers is to ensure the quality of the written code and ensure that the functionalities delivered to the customer meet their needs, at both the functional (application domain) and non-functional (performance, reliability, security, and usability) levels. Therefore, in addition to coding the functionality, the developer also writes tests to observe the proper behavior of the software in different scenarios.

In addition, our developers are also responsible for software estimates, which consist in the analysis of requirements to identify levels of complexity and technical feasibility, drawing up deadlines for monitoring activities.

Our software architects and devops can also participate during the design and/or construction of your software project.

We have the know-how your company needs, in several languages, to help with:

Back-end Development

Front-end Development

Native and Hybrid Mobile Development

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