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Our purpose: to be the
client technology extension.

DB1 Global Software



If your company does not have a structured a technology department or does not have the infrastructure necessary for this service, no problem. We can support your software.

With our Application Maintenance services, we build a team tailored to meet the needs and ensure a quick response to incidents, questions, and timely requests. We provide technical-level support, with well-established Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

How our Application Maintenance team supports you:

The work of our Application Maintenance team is to serve with high speed and always offer a professional structure of root cause analysis and diagnosis, so that with each problem, we can offer opportunities for improvements in the system context.

This service can be done for products that we have developed, or other products. And our Application Maintenance team has the expertise you need to ensure your product stays stable and adheres to what your customers need.

It is worth remembering that our Application Maintenance team is not a squad. When we talk about the necessary profiles of team professionals, this is the selection of developers who are experts in the technology of the project that needs support. This team can act parallel to the development squad.

Our Application Maintenance team supports you with:

Resolution speed to re-establish operation quickly

Continuous improvement

Work on the origins of problems to prevent recurrence

Maturity of processes with indicator culture

Constant monitoring

Generation of problem diagnostics

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