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Delivery and overcoming challenges are in the DB1 DNA.

Strong time zone overlap

Time zone shouldn’t be a hassle, choose to work with a partner in similar time zones. Scheduling meetings and team communication must be frictionless.

Quality proven internationally

World class coding, being applied in solutions spread in more than 60 countries

More assertiveness, less Rework

While the majority does not manage the rework, our goal is no more than 5%. We do things right the first time. Your company receives more codes, more quality and more safety.

Fully bilingual teams

A dedicated team fluent in English, working side by side with your team, following your software development workflow.

We breathe technology

Here is the right place to evolve with quality and assertiveness. More than programming, we breathe technology every day and we face diversified challenges in several economic segments. Technology, innovation and knowledge are in our DNA.

“All hands-on-deck” team approach

Each project has an exclusive team, stable, integrated and labelled as the client’s team at DB1. The goal of this team, besides developing the software, is full adherence to the client’s business.

Follow-up at your fingertips

Imagine accompanying the project’s progress in real-time, seeing the activities that are being executed, the project’s indicators, and the status for each activity. By offering this, you can be sure that the plan is being followed, plus, at any time you can ask or even participate in tasks prioritization.

Focused on Focus

Keep focused on what is strategic for your business while we think about the technology for you!

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