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Our purpose: to be the
client technology extension.

DB1 Global Software

UX and UI

It is in the hands of our UX and UI experts that the information about your reality turns into real, coherent and attractive solutions for your client.

The goal is to ensure the best product experience and usability for end users.

What our UX and UI designers do:

Our UI/UX professionals are responsible for researching, designing, and building user experiences that differentiate and highlight each customer’s products. They represent the interests of the user in the projects, bringing to the team and the client real and grounded information about their reality and the challenges they face. Our UX/UI designers can turn this information into tangible, coherent, engaging, and easy-to-use solutions.

Also, our UX/UI designers must align with stakeholders what is expected from the product/solution and then define the strategy so that everyone has clarity of what is being done. They also ensure that the client and all those involved in the project have the necessary information about the behavior of users, their problems, needs, and habits.

The information gathered by the UX/UI designer is used for decision-making at all times, always looking to build a solution that is simple to use and that solves not only the client’s business problem, but primarily the user’s problem.

The performance of our UX and UI designer in the projects can relate to:

New product design

Refactoring/product update

Market and user research

Facilitation of dynamics

Interface Design

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