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Omni de-bureaucratizes processes with mobile app developed by DB1

We developed a mobile app to de-bureaucratize credit analysis and benefit more than 222,000 people. Omni Financial Solutions revolutionized the entire credit analysis process by announcing the Omni+ mobile and desktop platform, developed by DB1 Global Software, which should benefit merchants, credit agents, and consumers. The change was driven by a desire to put customer benefit at the core of the process. Check out this amazing delivery.

DB1 Global Software | Cases

This project enabled:

More agility to the vehicle seller, as the platform informs all the conditions of financing without bureaucracy.

Ease and security to the buyer, who knows at the time how much and how he will pay.

Practicality for more than 222,000 people, including shopkeepers, credit agents, and consumers.

The search for practicality

Even in the face of the high values released by ANEF (National Association of Automobile Financial Companies in Brazil) for vehicle financing, there is an obstacle to business success: bureaucracy. It is necessary to analyze if the client credit score, if they belong to the necessary age group, if they have proof of income, credit history, and percentage of entry.

The process for granting vehicle credit is laborious, and the customer often finds it difficult to get all the necessary information. The idea of the mobile app is to bring practicality to the seller and the customer, providing all the information on the spot.

The creation of the Omni+ app

“With the development of Omni+, we seek to de-bureaucratize the processes for granting credit to give more dynamism to the process. We carried out a UX work to develop this app and other solutions, with real concern in the end user and putting the benefit to customers at the center of the process”, comments Murilo Silvério, Operations Director of Omni Financial Solutions.

DB1 Global Software

“More than a customer, we feel part of the company’s team and we hope that this is the first step for Omni Financial Solutions to continue its growth trajectory in Brazil” – David Santos, CEO of DB1 Global Software.

Satisfaction for the user, pride for the developers

DB1 Global Software was responsible for developing the mobile platform based on processes that ensure delivery on time and with a low rework rate. Ten experts were selected, and it took a little over two months to develop Omni+, with almost 300 deliverables generated.

For DB1 Global Software it is a pride to start in one of the most important projects for Omni Financial Solutions, such as Omni+.

DB1 Global Software
DB1 Global Software
DB1 Global Software | Cases

“Before we had a process of 18 fields in the simulator (desktop only) to get the amount to be paid per installment without any guarantee of customer approval. Nowadays, with only six fields, we have already carried out a first shot, which carries out a series of validations that end up pre-approving the financing or re-financing conditions, depending only on the confirmation of the data informed by the client” – Murilo Silvério, Operations Director of Omni Financial Solutions.

DB1 Global Software
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