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Plaenge: Cloud-based application development

With more than 50 years in the market, Plaenge Group operates in residential development, urban development, civil construction, industrial projects, and assembly. In the real estate industry, it is the largest construction company in the Southern Region of Brazil.

Plaenge was facing problems in the integration, availability, and stability of tools, which directly impacted the routine of its sales professionals, with a considerable increase in effort for simple tasks.

Working together

With the support of DB1, an app is being developed to assist and manage the sales process, to solve the difficulties of users working at the offices through technology.

The app will be designed with modern technologies, using cloud (Azure) infrastructure to interconnect several Plaenge systems, serving as the leading platform for customer service, simulation, and proposal generation. In other words, the app will be essential for operational efforts and technical problems to be resolved.

Challenges that we faced together

Plaenge uses internal tools for its sales, management, contract, and many other departments to sell its projects. This tool, however, had several critical problems, directly affecting the sales team daily, which had to put in more effort than necessary, not to mention bureaucracy of sales operations, resulting in failures and loss of revenue.

We joined our teams to develop a high-quality app that provides what Plaenge and its sellers value most: top-notch experience for its clients.

DB1 Global Software
DB1 Global Software

“You (DB1 team) were – and are – the key success factor of this project. You managed to take all this essence of our desire, of our dream, and turn it into a product.” – Jalles Rosa | Plaenge’s IT Manager

DB1 Global Software
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