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Our purpose: to be the
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The project manager is always the primary link between our teams and our clients. They are solely responsible for managing deliveries, quality, agreed deadlines, satisfaction, and accountability of the project.

In addition, managers assemble the work plan, create the teams with the necessary profiles, solve impediments, analyze, and continuously improve the efficiency of the team.

What our Project Managers do:

The key role of our project managers is to ensure that the planning, execution, and closure of the project is carried out in a manner that meets the expectations of all those involved in and affected by the project.

They are responsible for the planning of activities, the allocation of people, the quality of deliveries, the management of deadlines and costs, the alignment of what is and what is not the scope of the project and are also responsible for the management of changes that occur during the course of the project. They also identify and monitor the risks inherent to the project, taking action to mitigate them when they arise.

Another of the main responsibilities of our project managers is to ensure that communication between stakeholders happens in a safe and transparent way, integrating the team, the client, and everyone who is in some way impacted by the result of the project.

Schedule, performance indicators, metrics for success, team monitoring, and new challenges are some of the activities that are part of the everyday life of project managers.

Our project managers play a key role where they act, being responsible for ensuring that everyone involved in the project is aware of their functions, group objectives, as well as observing and maintaining the good relationship between members, working with risk and conflict management.

Our project manager also has the skills needed to develop other roles, such as:

Scrum Master

Agile Master

Product Owner

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