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Usability and Market Analysis Consultancy: Boost Your Interface

Our Usability and Market Analysis Consultancy offers a comprehensive approach to optimize the user experience on your interfaces, giving you a significant competitive advantage.

How Usability and Market Analysis Consultancy works:

We use usability tests to identify friction points and areas for improvement in your interfaces. Based on the results of these tests, we provide practical recommendations to enhance usability, making your interface more intuitive, efficient, and easy to use.

Our consultancy prioritizes the creation of an exceptional user experience. Through user-centered design techniques and user interface design, we work to understand the needs, expectations, and behavior of users, ensuring that your interface meets their demands and offers a pleasant experience.
We conduct an in-depth analysis of the market and competition to identify trends, patterns, and best practices in relation to usability and user experience. This information is used to create personalized solutions that will help you stand out in the market and overcome the competition.

Our usability consultancy is not just a one-time service, but a commitment to the continuous improvement of usability. We monitor the performance of your interfaces, analyze usability metrics, and make adjustments to ensure they meet the evolving needs of users.

Why choose our Usability and Market Analysis Consultancy services?


We Value Your Investment

We understand the importance of obtaining a solid return on your investment. Our focus is to offer solutions that optimize the usability of your interfaces, adding value to your business and ensuring efficiency and resource savings in IT.

Experience and Knowledge

We have a team experienced in usability consultancy and market analysis, familiar with the main methodologies, tools, and market trends. We use design thinking, information architecture, and user experience design approaches to deliver high-quality results.

Excellence in Usability

We continuously strive for excellence in usability. Our company stands out for its ability to identify opportunities for improvement and implement effective solutions that result in more intuitive and satisfying interfaces for users.
Don’t miss the opportunity to transform your idea into a secure and successful investment. We look forward to collaborating with you!

Benefits of Usability and Market Analysis Consultancy:

Improved usability
More intuitive interfaces
Enhanced user experience
Personalized solutions
Competitive edge
Continuous improvement

We are ready to value your investment and guarantee results.


Meet our case studies:

Faced with the mission of developing a mobile app focused on improving the student experience through gamification, CNA sought out DB1 Global Software to understand our work model.
More than just support for Kyäni's evolution, we offer expertise throughout the development process, while providing the quality needed to grow side by side, regardless of distance.
XP was looking for a consultancy to integrate and complement its technology teams, meeting technical requirements and partnering to work on a dynamic backlog, with constant discoveries and adjustments. The investment platform found this partnership in DB1's Team Partnership service.
We joined Linx Farma's team to perform the technical evaluation of the Farma Cloud application, which is a complete and centralized management software used by retailers in the pharmacy segment, and to support them in the development of new functionalities.
The virtual fairs platform developed by DB1 made it possible for students from all over the world to participate in fairs and find courses according to their interests, through "match" intelligence.
We supported BRK with a SQUAD determined to develop solutions focused on the user experience, to further improve customer relationships. There were several deliveries, all very well aligned with the needs of the end customer, achieving extremely positive evaluations.
We modernized and evolved the app experience, registered the first PIX keys, and took care of the entire implementation process. We also identified an opportunity to create new functionalities and valuable resources for the user.
We developed a cloud-based application to optimize the sales process and improve the customer experience, all while avoiding unnecessary project costs.
We developed e-commerce integration systems with MadeiraMadeira's physical stores, known as Guide Shops. We also assisted in the creation of a platform to facilitate the transportation of goods and optimize the delivery process.
We structured a workflow focused on delivering value to customers, thus optimizing Avenue's routine, which can invest its professionals' time in prioritizing what generates more value for the business and validating the success of deliveries.
We developed a mobile app that benefited over 222,000 people, including storekeepers, credit agents, and consumers, providing more agility, ease, and security in transactions.
We modernized a legacy software to become an updated system, with screens developed based on UX analysis, complete dashboards, responsiveness for different devices, and much more.