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5 communication problems in software development

Communication problems in software development can be a complication in the project. Working to solve them is essential to guarantee that the software will work without bugs. When we can communicate with quality, we assure that our client will receive what he needs.

At DB1 Global Software, we have already faced communication problems challenging agile software development. Our team members increased their communication skills so they would be able to give the best solutions to our clients.

We organized five problems that we went through until we developed effective communication in software development. Check them all!

Communications problems in software development  

It is essential to solving the communication problems more than realize them. Every time we comment on a difficult, we will also explain how to avoid them.

1. Different ways of thinking

Having different ways of thinking is normal, but it can also be a communication problem. When people involved in the development project cannot agree on what to do, this can harm all the processes.

People making a meet to discuss communication problems in software development.
It is crucial to find a way for the team involved to agree on what must be done.

When everyone disagrees about what has to be done, there is no priority or direction during development. In this way, different ways of thinking can change a quick activity into a long one. In extreme cases, it can even harm all the software.

In this case, the best thing to do is count on specialists and qualified leaders in your team. A good professional can align different ideas and find a comfortable point of view even when people have different ways of thinking.

2. Language barrier

Companies that work with professionals from different countries can face the language barrier if people do not speak the same language at work.

If your business becomes more prominent and international, you probably have people from many places. Offering opportunities to employees to improve their language is essential in that cases.

Furthermore, it is a good idea to choose one language to be talked about at work. Many companies choose English because it is very spoken, and most people know at least a little about the idiom.

Team work in a group to talk English.
Creating conversation groups can help people to improve their language.

To offer English classes for free, improve the communication in software development and avoid problems. You can also promote conversation clubs between professionals that are not so familiar with the language. It is a way to create a safe place for everyone to get better at talking about the idiom.

3. Number of involved  

According to the number involved in the project, it is common to occur communication problems that affect the development team and the client software. The project manager must find a way to lead the group of employees so that all the information becomes organized.

You can work with software that organizes processes, tasks, and information so that all employees can access project data at any time and at any place.

4. Communication quality

Depending on communication quality, problems can happen or be avoided. Leaders must develop an agile communication process that is functional and easy so employees will remember to follow it.

Person organizing the information to avoid communication problems.
You can create an easy communication process so employees will follow it.

Software that is easy and quick can be part of the communication process. The technology needs to solve the problem instead of creating one more complicated activity for the team. With that, you make an agile software development that is organized.


Lousy communication can lead the team to miscommunication, a reality that will bring many problems to the project that is being developed. If the information is not organized, people will fail to proceed with what was done.

5. A considerable number of changes

At least we have a communication problem in software development because of the vast number of changes that a project can go through. Again, organizing the process so that information keeps updated is very important.

With information organized, all employees will be able to access it, understand the changes that occurred and start to work with the new directions in mind.

Now that you know five communication problems and how to solve them, it is essential to count on a company that knows how to avoid them and develop different solutions for our clients. To learn more about DB1 Global Software, click on the image below!

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